Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Photos From the Latest Free Ride of the Revived Battery EV

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My Revived Battery Electric Pickup Truck costs only 30 cents per day to operate, including the cost of battery replacement!

The CCEC and

Public Dreams staff
were enthused about
this EV because
it uses recycled

We recently figured out
a way
to stop the Zivan NG3
battery charger
from cooking
batteries to death
even without a
voltage clamper

The KillaWatt meter
now shows less than
15A draw, so we can
charge the etruck
anywhere there is
an electric outlet.
However, circuit breakers pop quite often,
as there is only an amp left
in the breaker for, say, a coffee maker.
The good news is that
we've never been turned down
when we needed a charge.
I got 'thumbs up' all the time,
when people saw the EV signage
on the pickup.

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To stop the burning of fossil fuels
we really need to get four more
similar electric vehicles
in Vancouver's roads.
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Click below to view
Revived Battery videos on YouTube:
Stanley Park/Lions Gate Bridge
Crest of Lions Gate Bridge
Ammeter and Speedometer on bridge run

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